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Business Opportunity

Good Day!

Thank you for your interest in being an agent for Hair Evolution.

The business model and concept is very simple, we have to focus on making an income and
not be botched down on complicated systems.

There is an extensive range of products available. I have attached an order form you use
when you want to order stock.

Selling price per bottle - R200
Purchase price per bottle - R100
Profit - R100

To qualify for R100 per bottle the minimum order quantity is 10 bottles per order. If not, you
will have to pay the selling price per bottle.
This is in place, so you can see your profits.

You advertise the product on a platform of your choice.

Your clients pay you on order, this way you get paid first and it costs you nothing to earn.

Free Business Opportunity
Highest Commission Paid
No Contract

To get started is just as easy.

Click on the Register link at the top right of the page to register an account.
Remember to select the option that you are registering as an AGENT and you are good to
get started.
With your discount code, you will receive by email, you will also receive product information,
pictures, before & after pictures and adverts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hair Evolution Family.

Start earning today!