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Welcome To Our Website!

´╗┐We are so proud to bring this new website and our online store to you!

Here, we will be able to keep you posted on all product offerings and what is going on within The Exclusivity Hub (Pty) Ltd, and you can also see what we are busy within our community. 

Very soon, we will be launching a website where Angelique Benadie will be able to share what's happening within the community projects we have going and the progress we have made. 

On 15 December 2019, The Exclusivity Hub (Pty) Ltd and The Hair Evolution brand partnered to bring the most EFFECTIVE hair growth treatment into a new dimension and to also combine the shared vision of these two brands - empowering women, starting with single mothers. 

The Exclusivity Hub (Pty) Ltd is the holding company for The Hair Evolution brands, there aren't many changes, just two basically:
1. The holding company.
2. Everything (agent & client registration, ordering, payment and fulfillment of orders) will be done digitally.

Times have changed and we are living in a digital age and we have to keep up or be left behind - we are go-getters, we will not be left behind. If we are to impact our community and lift up and empower women in our country, we have to stay with the times and be digital as well. This will ensure that we have a bigger footprint and can reach more people.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome, please feel free to email us on with any comments and suggestions. 

Exclusive Products! Exclusive Opportunities!

Much Love

Angelique Benadie